iPhone X isn't Worth It

So full disclosure, I haven't held or seen in person an iPhone X yet. But between the glitzy Apple ads, giant billboards, and hands on videos others have published, I know everything I need to know. The iPhone X isn't worth the money, at least not right now.
The iPhone X
You may be wondering why I'm so quick to pass judgment on a product I've never used, let alone seen in person. Apple has admitted that the iPhone X was slated for 2018, but they worked really hard and got it out early. I don't buy that for a minute. The iPhone X is a reaction to Samsung, to Google, to LG, and HTC. Worse, it's a first generation reaction, with an unproven design, already admitted supply constraints, and compromises that don't make sense for users.

If you are an iPhone fan, I say buy the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus. These are proven designs of a great phone. No, there's no flashy design, but what are you losing from an iPhone X? A screen with a notch in it, Face ID, and Animoji. That's it. You still get wireless charging, improved cameras, the new A11 chip, and of course, iOS 11.

I'd even make the argument that not having Face ID in it's infancy is a good thing. Early reviews are coming in, and while it sounds like Face ID works well indoors, it does appear to struggle outdoors or in strange lighting scenarios where large amounts of infrared light can cause interference. Also, there are now some reports that FaceID is being beat by children who look similar to their parents.
The Face ID Sensor
Not only is there the potential for FaceID issues, but the notch at the top of the screen that houses the Face ID sensor is also eating into your real screen real estate. This means that while the iPhone 8 has a "bigger" screen than an iPhone 8 Plus, the usable screen space actually ends up being less than on an iPhone Plus device. So all the great extra iOS tweaks you get with an iPhone Plus, like tabs in Safari, are lost on the iPhone X

The biggest issue of all is price. At $999, I'm hard pressed to recommend this device, something that's meant to be replaced in 2 years on average. Yes, it's the computer you use every day, but considering the very good iPhone 7 now starts at $549, the iPhone 8 runs $699, or even the 8 Plus comes in at $799, the math isn't in the iPhone X's favor. You're looking at saving anywhere from $200-450 up front just by choosing the tried and true device instead of the new shiny device.

So take a pass, use that iPhone 6S or 7 for another year, and let those with far more expendable income and willingness to deal with first generation issues take the plunge on iPhone X. For now, you should stay sane, see how this shakes out, and wait for the iPhone X2, or iPhone XI, or is it iPhone 11? Who know how they are going to name the next one? Will there be an iPhone 9? So many questions.