iPhone 5 Thoughts

Apple announced the iPhone 5 to the world yesterday. In what many see as a response to Android's rise, Apple has changed the screen size to taller 4-inch display, added LTE connectivity and made the phone even thinner and lighter than before. For some the announcement was a let down, mainly because it was a confirmation of the leaks we had all been reading about for the past few months, for others it was because Apple didn't include NFC support or didn't add some new feature with iOS 6 that Apple had kept exclusively for their newest phone. I respect what Apple is doing with their latest device and here's why.
A safe, but smart move from Apple

The iPhone 5 represents the culmination of everything Apple has done in the mobile space since 2007. It's the best iPhone to date, and in many ways, one of the best, most polished phones you can own period. Everyone is clamoring for radical changes, amazing new features or crazy new designs. Apple did that once, it was called the iPhone, and it launched in 2007. That's where this feeling of being let-down comes from. This notion that somehow every year Apple, or some other cell phone manufacturer is going to come in and blow the doors off the competition with an amazing new feature or radical change to the way we view phones.

That kind of revolutionary leap forward only happens every so often. Why should Apple work to rebuild the iPhone from scratch when they have one of, if not the, strongest mobile foundations to build from? What purpose does that serve other than to give consumers what amounts to a first-gen product that's likely to be buggy, unstable, and frustrating? No, Apple knows what they are doing and they know that the way to user's wallets is consistency and even more importantly, reliability. My dad is currently looking to replace his aging Blackberry (yes he's the one guy who still has one) and he's been looking for something that will be easy to use, have LTE support and will be reliable for him, it's nearly impossible for me to recommend him anything other than the iPhone. (Also doesn't help he's on Sprint so Windows Phones aren't an option.)

So has Apple rocked the boat? Not in the slightest. If anything Apple has further cemented their solid foundation in mobile for the next iPhone. Until someone else forces Apple to radically change their formula, they have no reason to and I can't fault them in the slightest.