Details Microsoft! Details!

Last week Microsoft and Nokia held their Windows Phone 8 party to show off some seriously sexy Nokia Lumia hardware with the Lumia 920 and 820. Nokia did a wonderful job showing off some great hardware that brings Windows Phone in line with the Android offerings in terms of hardware and showed off some amazing new camera tech with PureView image stabilization that will help differentiate Nokia from the "me-too" offerings from Android OEMs. Wireless charging and the partnership deals that Nokia has with Coffee Bean to get wireless charging stations embedded in tables at their shops is an amazing leap forward to bring wireless charging mainstream. Wireless charging and wireless power are going to be one of the next big things in my opinion. Why should I have to run a bunch of cables through my desk and plug them all in, when I could just plug in the desk and set my LCD, phone, wireless keyboard and mouse right on top and not have to worry about separate cords for any of them? That's the future right there my friends.
Wireless charging = The Future!

As much of the future as Nokia and Microsoft wanted us to see, classic old Microsoft reared it's ugly head at the presentation as well. It's often said that the devil is in the details, and Microsoft and Nokia failed to deliver the important ones. No pricing, no launch date and no carriers. As I mentioned previously, unanimous support from US carriers will be key for Nokia and Windows Phone to build mind and market share. Even worse than not getting all the US carriers on board is not telling us what we all want to know. When, where, and how much? Microsoft did the same thing with their Surface Tablets they announced a few months ago. Enthusiasm for their tablets is beginning to fade and talk has focused on a rumored iPad Mini and the new Kindle line from Amazon (more on that later).

Now I've already decided I'm going to Windows Phone for my next device. I'm tired of Android and what I'm beginning to feel is buggy, unpolished OS that doesn't excite me or tie into the other devices I use like a Windows Phone will. I haven't settled on what phone I'm going to get though. I'm leaving Sprint for Verizon in a few months, you know, so I can actually use my phone's features on the network. I would like to purchase the Lumia 920 on Verizon, but there's no word if that'll be a possibility. Right now, rumors of a Lumia 822 have surfaced, but I want to be an ambassador for Windows Phone with the best Windows Phone, not the Lumia 920's little brother.

So my message to Nokia and Microsoft is this, don't play things so close to the vest with just a few months to launch. Yes Apple is holding their iPhone 5 event on September 12th, and you want something to steal back some press coverage just a few days later with more announcements, I get that, but basically all you've done is tease me. No one likes a tease, not for long anyway. I promise you one thing, on September 12th, the only teasing part of Apple's presentation will be the fact that their fans will have to wait a few more weeks for the launch date that they've announced. Nokia, you are the Apple of Windows phone, act like it.