Why the new iPad is Revolutionary and not Evolutionary

The newest version of Apple's iPad has been unveiled to the world at large. Truth be told, the updates made to the device are pretty much along the lines of what people expected. Retina display, 4G radios, better camera (although not where I predicted) iOS 5.1 and the iPad 2 continuing to sell at a reduced $399.

So why is an expected update so revolutionary? What makes this iPad any better or more special than the previous two? The screen resolution. The fact that people can now hold a screen in their hand that will look better than the one hanging on their wall at home. The fact that Apple appears to be making the push for sharp, clear content on all of their devices. Apple is showing the world that the way you engage with and interact with content, apps and anything else has always been and always will be through the display. When content looks it's best and images, text, buttons, and all manner of graphics look as crisp and sharp as possible, the fact that you're looking at a screen begins to fade away and you engage yourself in the content in a way that you never would before. Its the same reason that going to the movies is more engaging that seeing a film at home. Granted the moron on their cell phone two rows over may detract from the experience, but if you've ever seen a movie in a nearly empty theater, the movie is the only thing you see, it brings you in because you're watching the highest resolution output on a large screen. In a similar way a large screen at home watching high definition content can draw you in as well.

Personally, I think what Apple has done here is set the bar very high for anyone else building a tablet device. Why would any consumer settle for anything less than the highest resolution display possible in a tablet device? I know that after seeing the iPad's new display I won't want anything less on any tablet I buy. To me this revolutionary in the expectations it will bring from consumers. If the iPad can do it, why can't your device and if your device can't do it, why should I buy it over an iPad? Hell, the TV I have sitting in my living room now has a lower resolution than an iPad, this will force everyone to step up their game.

Let me be clear, I personally will probably not buy the new iPad. I'm personally looking to see what Microsoft does with Windows 8, but I can tell you I'm going to be disappointed when no hardware manufacturer puts out a Windows 8 slate with a resolution higher than 1280x800 which is what my Chromebook I'm typing this blog post from has.

The new iPad is revolutionary for all the reasons people aren't expecting because the update is pretty much what people expected. In six months, when the majority of apps have been updated to take advantage of the new display, I bet you that the iPad will do more for HD content and above than Blu-ray has. I'm looking forward to this future of crystal clear and crisp graphics. Why would I settle for anything less?