So, we're here I guess. I guess I'm here. You'll be here if and when you hopefully find my little corner of the web.

I guess I should tell you a little about myself. My name is Mark, I currently reside in Las Vegas (originally from Chicago, Go Cubs!) and I'm interested in tech. Very interested (See the generic picture that screams technology to the left? Clearly I'm a techie...). I'm constantly swapping out my cell phone, building a new computer, trying out that new accessory for my Xbox or whatever else crosses my path. Most of my friends turn to me when it comes to advice for purchases of their latest and greatest whatever and I'm more than happy to help.

So I figured I'd share some of my musings and thoughts with the rest of the world. If you're interested in what I have to say, feel free to post a comment, I'll reply to as many as I can, because I love talking and debating tech.

I'll post as often as I can and more importantly when I have something to say. Until then, enjoy the tech you have and get ready to talk about it with me.