I know I haven't posted here for a few days, I'm currently working on my next major post, but I had to quickly share my thoughts on Google+.

First off, I like Google's services and I was rooting and still am rooting for Google+ against Facebook, but I've had it for now.

My Circles (you know, the big feature of Google+) have self destructed now 4 times since I've started using the service. Friends, family members, co-workers have all mysteriously vanished and now look as though I've never added them to any circle ever.

This is very frustrating when you ask someone if they saw your post and then they go and look at your profile and can't see anything. I'm not sure what the problem is, I've never seen it addressed anywhere. I've submitted my feedback on the issue, but the fact that is that this has been a problem since the beginning so I'm not sure what's going on. So for now I've said my goodbye to Google+.