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Life, Death and Tech

On April 6th 2013, I lost my sister, Anne Smedinghoff, to a suicide bomber in Afghanistan, where she was stationed working as Foreign Service Press Officer for the State Department. She was on a mission to deliver books to a school. Books being so important to help increase the literacy rate in Afghanistan so young people are able to read the Quran and other books for themselves to make informed decisions. The days and months that have followed have been the hardest days on my short life so far, and the struggle to move forward is not over for me. Through it all, I have come to several realizations about the industry I love to cover I want to share with people, especially through the lens of losing a loved one.

The thing that struck me first, is that my sister carried her iPhone 4S in her 'go-to bag' that she was holding at
the time of the attack. The iPhone is one of the most dropped, damaged, broken devices I see in people's hands, screens are cracked and backs are shatt…

How Microsoft Can Save Windows 8

Microsoft is in a tough spot with Windows 8. Sales aren't where Microsoft was hoping they'd be, consumers are frustrated and confused by the changes, the phone hasn't taken off and now Blackberry has a real chance to claim a solid third place spot with their re-launch with Blackberry 10. Microsoft doesn't exactly find themselves on the ropes just yet, but they aren't winning consumers over left and right just yet. So what does Microsoft have to do to win consumers back? Offer something no one else is able to. Lets take a look at what Microsoft's options are.
Surface Tension With the Surface, Microsoft has attempted to build the perfect Windows 8 machine, to show
consumers how great hardware, coupled with Windows 8 makes for a great experience. While reviews of the hardware have been above average for the most part, many people have pointed out the flaw in purchasing something that can be had in a windows laptop for much less., especially with the handicapped …